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SURAN 19/92: Turkmenistan: Bayramgeldy Charyyev

, Index number: EUR 61/003/1992

An unofficial source reports that Bayramgeldy Charyyev, a shepherd from Gyzylarbat, Balkan region, was sentenced to death on 5 November 1991. He had been convicted of murder. The sentence was upheld on appeal in January 1992 and a petition for clemency appears to have been turned down in May. AI is concerned about claims that the appeal hearing violated the code of criminal procedure since the defendant and his lawyer were not present, the lawyer not having known that the appeal was to take place. It is possible that Bayramgeldy Charryev may still be alive as he was to be transported to Uzbekistan for execution. It is reported that some newly independent republics have discontinued the practice of executing prisoners sent from neighbouring republics.

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