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UA 280/93 - Tadzhikistan: "disappearance": Saidsho Shoyev, Siyarsho Shoyev

, Index number: EUR 60/012/1993

Saidsho Shoyev, a member of the Tadzhikistan Supreme Council (parliament), and his brother "disappeared" on 29 July 1993 after being detained by armed men in the centre of Dushanbe. Originally from the Garm region of central Tadzhikistan, an area identified with the opposition to the current government, they went into exile in Moscow in January 1993, at a time when Garmis were being targeted for summary execution and "disappearance" by armed gangs believed to have been operating with the approval of the government. In June Saidsho Shoyev and seven other Garmi members of parliament received an appeal from the Prime Minister, Abdumalik Abdullodzhanov, to attend a forthcoming session of parliament, with his personal guarantee of safety.

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