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Further information on UA 413/92 (EUR 60/01/92, 23 December and follow-up EUR 60/02/92, 31 December) - Tadzhikistan: possible extrajudicial execution / fear of extrajudicial execution and new concern: legal concern: Akhmed Shakh Kamil, Mubarak Shakhov Khu

, Index number: EUR 60/002/1993

An official statement made in the first week of February 1993 claimed that Akhmed Shakh Kamil, former director of national television in Tadzhikistan, was currently under arrest. Earlier unofficial reports had alleged that he had been summarily executed between 20 and 22 December 1992. AI is now calling on the government to clarify his status; if in detention, AI wishes to know on what charges he is being held.

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