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Turkey: Further information on prisoners of conscience: Mahmut Sakar, Nimetullah Gunduz, Abdullah Cager, Melike Alp (f), Sinan Tanrikulu, Firat Anli, Hanifi Isik, Serif Atmaca, Servet Ayhan

, Index number: EUR 44/039/1995

Sinan Tanrikulu and Firat Anli, Hanifi Isik, Serif Atmaca and Servet Ayhan, all members of the Diyarbakir branch of the HRA, were brought before a magistrate at Diyarbakir State Security Court on 9 March 1995 and committed to Diyarbakir E-type prison to await trial. AI considers them to be prisoners of conscience, in custody because of their activities on behalf of the HRA.

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