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Adoption Network for Conscientious Objectors in Western Europe: Spain: updated case information and follow-up action: Jose Antonio Escalada Fernandez, Manuel Blazquez Solis: conscientious objectors to military service

, Index number: EUR 41/002/1992

AI first adopted 19-year-old conscripts Jose Antonio Escalada and Manuel Blazquez as prisoners of conscience after their arrest in April 1991 on charges of desertion. Shortly after their release into provisional liberty in July 1991, fresh warrants were issued against them on charges of refusal to perform military service. Both lived in hiding until 18 June 1992, when Jose Antonio Escalada was arrested and sent to a civilian prison in Lerida. Manuel Blaquez remains in hiding but is liable to be arrested and imprisoned at any time. AI considers both to be genuine conscientious objectors to military service and calls for all criminal proceedings against them to be dropped. AI is also calling for the release of Jose Antonio Escalada.

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