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UA 398/93 - Romania: fear for safety / fear of forcible expulsion: the Roma community of Hadareni

, Index number: EUR 39/014/1993

There is concern that the authorities are failing to protect the Roma community in the Transylvanian village of Hadareni. On 29 October 1993 a group of about 20 Roma who came to the House of Culture for a meeting were reportedly threatened by some 60 Romanian and ethnic Hungarian residents. Police prevented an attack on the Roma, but none of the armed crowd were disarmed or charged. A commission of residents set up to decide which Roma residents would be allowed to stay in the village ordered that 21 families should leave the village by 6 November. On 8 November an official from the Mures Prefect's office arrived to prepare the legal grounds for their expulsion. Local residents have publicly threatened to attack the Roma again if the expulsions are not carried out.

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