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Hungary: Torture and ill-treatment of foreigners (includes update dated 4 August 1993)

, Index number: EUR 27/002/1993

AI is concerned about a number of cases in Hungary where race appeared to be a motive in reports of torture. Foreign nationals held in the Kerepestarcsa camp near Budapest while their asylum applications are processed have reportedly been beaten or ill-treated. Three cases are reported of alleged beatings there in April and November 1992, including those of Kennedy Martins Anukam and Mohammed Shoaib Shemyari. AI is also concerned about reports that foreigners have been detained and tortured or ill-treated at the 5th District Police Station in Budapest. Two incidents are reported: the beating and racial abuse of Masri Ali Maher on 30 December 1992 and of Ussama Khaled Awad on 21 December 1992. A third man (name unknown to AI) was also allegedly detained and beaten on 30 December.

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