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Federal Republic of Germany: Aleged ill-treatment of Nasreddine Belhadefs

, Index number: EUR 23/004/1994

Nasreddine Belhadefs, a 33-year-old Algerian asylum-seeker, was reportedly set upon by three men in civilian clothes in the town of Erfurt on the afternoon of 29 September 1993. He was reportedly kicked and beaten by the men, who revealed themselves to be police officers when passers-by tried to intervene. Nasreddine Belhadefs was taken to Andreasstrasse police station, where he was eventually told that he and other foreigners had been arrested on suspicion of selling drugs. Although allowed to leave as no charges were brought, he refused to leave until his shoulder was examined. A fracture of the right shoulder was diagnosed and was operated upon on 6 October. The police agreed to pay for his hospital treatment. Nasreddine Belhadefs lodged a complaint about his ill-treatment on 5 October 1993.

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