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Laos: Further information on fear for safety / possible prisoners of conscience

, Index number: ASA 26/006/1998

Khun Sy (full name: Sy Yilatchay), Bounlerth, Chan, Duangmanee (f), Khonmanee, Khet, Khamsawang, Phengsy, Khammieng, Kaljaruengsuk. Released: Phakhamphim (f), Vienkham (f) and Phakhamporn (f): The above-named prisoners were brought to trial on 25 March 1998. Khun Sy and his two sons Bounlerth and Chan, together with Khonmanee, Khet, Phengsy, Khamsawang and Kaljaruengsuk were sentenced to three years imprisonment. Khun Sy's daughter Duangmanee and Khammieng were sentenced to two years' imprisonment, reduced to one year. Phakhamphim, Vienkham and Phakhamporn were each sentenced to one year imprisonment, reduced to two months. They were subsequently released on 30 March.

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