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South Korea: Urgent appeal for the release of Professor Cho Guk

, Index number: ASA 25/029/1993

Professor Cho Guk, aged 29, was arrested on 23 June 1993 by National Security Division police. A warrant for his arrest was not issued until 25 June. He was held by police until 12 July when his case was transferred to the prosecution. He was arrested under the National Security Law and may be held for up to 50 days before being formally charged. A lecturer of law at Ulsan University and a highly regarded legal scholar, he has been openly critical of the National Security Law. He is also a member of the Democratic Legal Studies Association and Chairperson of the Committee for Progressive Social Reform. He and several colleagues are accused of belonging to the Social Science Academy, which the authorities have labelled an "anti-state" organization, linked to Sanomaeng.

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