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South Korea: The test of practice: the National Security Law and human rights

, Index number: ASA 25/014/1993

Following the accession to the ICCPR three years ago, and the election of Kim Young-sam as president in December 1992, there have been indications that legislation would be tabled before the National Assembly at its next session to amend the National Security Law (NSL). However the government has given no firm commitment that it will amend the provisions of the NSL which have been used to detain prisoners of conscience. This report details those provisions, and cites cases of those imprisoned under the NSL, some of whom face or have been sentenced to long prison terms: Hwang Suk-yong, the parliamentarian Suh Kyung-won, Chang Ki-pyo and Kim Nak-jung; and Choi Il-bung, of the International Socialists, imprisoned solely for publishing socialist books and articles.

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