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Cambodia: possible extrajudicial executions / fear for safety: Neth Thong, 40, farmer, member of Funcinpec; Mov Ving, 28, Funcinpec militiaman - both killed; and fear for the safety of their relatives

, Index number: ASA 23/003/1995

The two men named above were reportedly killed by members of the Cambodian security forces. They were detained at gunpoint on 5 February 1995 and their bodies were found on the morning of 6 February, bearing gunshot wounds and marks of severe beating. Their relatives are now in fear for their own safety. Some are sleeping every night at a local Buddhist wat (temple) for protection. Local authorities seem unwilling to investigate the killings of these two men, on the grounds that they were alleged to be members of the Khmer Rouge. Their relatives insist that this is not true but that the accusation is being used to cover the fact that they may have been killed for personal reasons.

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