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East Timor: further information on: arbitrary detention / fear of torture: At least 20 East Timorese

, Index number: ASA 21/026/1996

New names: Maria Fatima Pereira (f), aged 38, Januario, aged 23, Carvalho Casto, aged 31, Raimundo de Jesus, aged 22, Jaimundo de Carvalho, aged 20: Of the group of up to 29 East Timorese arrested on 20 November 1995 as they attempted to travel to Australia by boat in order to seek asylum, the five named above have since been tried, convicted and imprisoned for unlawfully taking control of a boat from its captain. Maria Fatima Pereira received a one-year prison sentence, while the others were sentenced to nine months. AI is concerned that the trials may not have conformed to international standards.

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