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Myanmar: Further information on fear for safety: Myanmar refugees in Thailand: San Tun, "Uncle Jolly" (aka Khaw Li), Saw Gay Phlo; and new names: Pu Pu Aeh Lay Pa, Ka Moe Phaw, Htl La Paw, Naw Mura, Kyar Swe

, Index number: ASA 16/010/1995

There have been at least seven attacks since 19 April by members of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Organization (DKBO) on Karen refugee camps in Thailand. The leader of the DKBO said in a statement published by the Thai newspaper, The Nation, on 1 May that they aimed to force all 70,000 refugees to return to Myanmar. On 25 April in an attack on Mae Ra Ma Luang camp, Pu Pu Aeh Lay Pa, an 85-year-old blind man was burned to death because he could not flee his house, and an 84-year-old man was severely injured. On 28 April the DKBO attacked the Bono section of the Mae Ta Wa camp, burning more than 700 houses down. An entire family was trapped in a bunker, and Ka Moe Phaw, aged 18, died instantly. Her father died some time later and other members of the family are being treated for burns. It has also been reported that San Tun's daughter, Htl La Paw, was abducted with her father on 1 March from Mae Ta Wa camp. On 15 March Kyar Swe, aged 20, was shot dead when DKBO opened fire on his house.

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