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Further information on UA 216/93 (ASA 13/07/93, 2 July; and follow-up ASA 13/08/93, 5 July) - Bangladesh: fear of imminent execution: Munir Hussain

, Index number: ASA 13/009/1993

Munir Hussain's death sentence for murder has been upheld by the High Court Division of the Supreme Court. His peition for leave to appeal has been dismissed, and his appeal for clemency has been turned down by the President of Bangladesh. He is therefore at risk of being executed at short notice. Some newspapers have quoted un-named official sources as saying that the date for his execution has been set for 26 July 1993. Reports also indicate that the prisoner was kept in a "death cell" for convicts during his pre-trial detention which denied him an opportunity to meet with his lawyer before the court hearings began.

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