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Paraguay: Investigations into past human rights violations

By Amnesty International, , Index number: AMR 45/003/1990

This document reports on developments in investigation of human rights violations under the previous government of General Stroessner. It examines the human rights initiatives of the Rodriguez Government and reports on specific investigations. They are: investigations into unmarked graves at Santa Elena, Guardia de Seguridad and San Juan Nepomuceno, where victims of extrajudicial killings were buried; investigations into the following cases: Mario Raul Schaerer Prono, Juan Carlo da Costa, Dr Augustin Goiburu, Dr Miguel Angel Soler, Amilcar Maria Oviedo Duarte, Rodolfo Feliciano and Benjamin Jesus Ramirez Villalba, Carlos Jose Mancuello Bareiro, Julian Cubas, Celestina Perez de Almada, Abraham Cue Peasants, Melchor Rolon and Captain Napoleon Ortigoza.

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