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UA 276/92 - El Salvador: possible extrajudicial executions / death threats: Jose Alejandro Jaco Perez, Salvador Ivan Ramirez, Miguel Angel Alvarenga, Mario Valiente, Juan Mangandi

, Index number: AMR 29/009/1992

AI is concerned about the killing of three trade union activists and death threats directed at other trade unionists in El Salvador. Jose Alejandro Jaco Perez, Conflicts Secretary of the ATMOP union, was killed by armed men on 3 August 1992. Trade union sources report that he had been threatened prior to his death. Salvador Ivan Ramirez, First Conflicts Secretary of FENASTRAS, was killed on 31 July 1992; official investigators have publicly implicated another trade unionist in the killing but other evidence appears to refute this. Miguel Angel Alvarenga, Conflicts Secretary for STITGASC, was found dead on 20 July 1992; he had gone missing three days before. Juan Magandi, Mario Valiente and three other leaders of the telecommunications union ASTTEL have received death threats.

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