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UA 167/93 - Ecuador: possible extrajudicial execution: Orestes Canola, Enrique Canola, Fredy Canola

, Index number: AMR 28/005/1993

In the light of recent reports of people who have died in the custody of men in circumstances which suggest their extrajudicial execution. On the night Ecuadorean security forces, there is concern at the deaths of the above-named men. According to reports, on the night of 12 April 1993, the three were detained at their homes by police, following a fight which broke out in Viche, Esmeraldas province, as a result of which a policeman was killed, and Orested Canola and his nephew Fredy were wounded. At Viche police station, they were apparently put on a vehicle to be transferred to the city of Esmeraldas. However, they never arrived at the police station there, and their bodies were found at the morgue in Esmeraldas, reportedly having been beaten and shot.

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