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Further information on UA 23/93 (AMR 28/01/93, 29 January) - Ecuador: death threats / torture / harassment: Jose Ignacio Chauvin

, Index number: AMR 28/002/1993

An attempt has reportedly been made on the life of Jose Ignacio Chauvin, aged 17, and he has once again been picked up and beaten by the police. On 9 February 1993 a deliberate attempt was made to run him over; one of the men in the car was recognized as one of those who took part in torturing him in January 1993. On 10 February the police attempted unsuccessfully to arrest him as he took part in the weekly public vigil commemorating the "disappeared" Restrepo brothers. On 14 February he was allegedly picked up by members of the police, hooded and taken to a police building where be was beaten before being released. AI is concerned at the failure of the authorities to provide effective guarantees of safety for Jose Ignacio Chauvin.

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