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UA 317/92 - Brazil: death threats: Carlos Cabral Pereira, Roberto Neto Da Silva, Orlando Canuto, Sebastiao Vieira

, Index number: AMR 19/027/1992

AI is concerned about reports that Federal Police protection is to be withdrawn from those named above on 15 October 1992. Carlos Cabral Pereira is president of the Rural Workers Union of Rio Maria; Roberto Neto da Silva and Orlando Canuto are members of the union's executive. Sebastiao Vierira is a local councillor. AI has repeatedly expressed concern about the safety of these men, who have been receiving death threats since early 1991. The then president of the Rural Workers Union of Rio Maria, Expedito Ribeiro de Souza, was assassinated on 2 February 1991. Three men were arrested for his killing. One of them, the person allegedly responsible for ordering the killing, was later freed on bail.

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