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UA 295/92 - Brazil: death threats: Caco Barcellos

, Index number: AMR 19/023/1992

Caco Barcellos, a journalist and author who has recently published a book dealing with killings by members of the Sao Paulo military police, has reportedly received death threats from the military police in Sao Paulo. On 31 August 1992, 15 officers named in his book reportedly threatened Caco Barcellos and guests attending his book launch; some of the same men reportedly followed him in police cars later that day. At the Sao Paulo Biennial Book Fair he was apparently warned that he was at grave risk. The government official responsible for the military police is reported to have summoned members of the Military Police High Command that evening and to have offered Caco Barcellos guarantees of safety, after seeing a video film of officers threatening him.

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