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Argentina: Human rights violations in Corrientes and Chaco Provinces

, Index number: AMR 13/005/1993

AI is concerned about alleged violations against people in police detention in Corrientes and Chaco provinces. The victims of these abuses are often people from the poorest sectors of the population, sometimes with records for petty crime. People allegedly ill-treated in police detention include minors and women. The following cases are presented: possible extrajudicial execution of Abel Solis; death threats and torture of Antonio Velozo; possible extrajudicial execution of Juan Antonio Encina; attempted illegal detention, threats and ill-treatment of Pedro Salvador Aguirre; ill-treatment of Carlos Alberto Parodi; "disappearance" of Walter Heriberto Britez; beating and ill-treatment of Teodoro Dionisio Gonzalez; ill-treatment of Carlos Alberto and Roberto Ramon Franco; excessive use of force in detaining Antonio Miguel Fernandez (aged 13); torture and ill-treatment of Sergio de la Cruz Avalos; beating and ill-treatment of Ruben Horacio Paz, Guido Anibal de la Cruz Benitez, Hugo Fabian Crespo and Marciana Benitez; beating and ill-treatment of Remigio Ledesma; torture of Santiago Sanchez and Luis Angel Martinez; beating and ill-treatment of Marcela Beatriz Vasconcellos, Elvira and Isabel Irala.

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