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Eritrea: Fear of torture/prisoners of conscience

, Index number: AFR 64/012/2005

Ukbay (m), Yergalem Afewerki (f), Abraham (m), Berhane (m), Eden (f), Elsa (f), Freweyni (f), Gebremichael (m), Hamelmal (f), Pastor Simon (m), Teklemariam (m), Sirak Gebremichael (m) (Kale Hiwot [Baptist] Church members), Akberet Nigussie (f) (Rema Church office administrator) and up to 200 other members of evangelical churches have been detained in a mass and coordinated crackdown by the Eritrean authorities in the capital, Asmara. Amnesty International considers them to be prisoners of conscience, detained solely because of their religious beliefs. They are at risk of torture.

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