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South Africa: Political killings by security force "death squads" - update: Judicial Commission of Inquiry into political killings begins proceedings. (With appended "List of 71 cases of unsolved politically-motivated murders submitted to the Harms Commis

, Index number: AFR 53/020/1990

On 7 March 1990 Almond Nofela testified before the government-appointed commission of inquiry into political killings on his involvement, as member of a police anti-terrorist unit, in the 1981 abduction and murder of civil rights lawyer Griffiths Mxenge. Mr Nofela was one of the many witnesses summoned to give evidence to the commission chaired by Judge Louis Harms. The commission has heard considerable evidence on the operations of a secret military unit, known since the mid-1980s as the Civil Co-operation Bureau (CCB). While welcoming the judicial inquiry, AI is concerned that its terms of reference prevent it from investigating extra-territorial incidents, thus excluding major incidences of human rights violations allegedly committed by the security forces.

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