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Rwanda: Crying out for justice: cases for appeals

, Index number: AFR 47/003/1995

This document consists of six appeal cases, illustrating some of AI's main concerns in Rwanda. It focuses on the current arrests and detentions: at present, more than 23,000 people are believed to be in detention, often in harsh conditions. The cases described here are: Jospeh Mvukiyumwami, a research botanist, detained without charge; Gratien Ruhorahoza, President of Kigali High Court, "disappeared"; Josephine Mukasharangabo, who denies accusations of participating in the genocide, detained without charge; Josephine Mukanyangezi, a judge, detained without charge; Bernadette Mukarusine, 35, and Marie Mukanyangezi, 54, both nuns, detained without charge; Agustin Minani, 12, detained without charge.

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