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UA 219/94 - Nigeria: prisoners of conscience / death penalty: Ameh Ebute, Chief Olusegun Osoba, Polycarp Nwite, O A Okoroafor and several other pro-democracy activists

, Index number: AFR 44/005/1994

The military government in Nigeria has arrested and charged with treason prominent critics who have urged it to step down in favour of a civilian government. Treason carries the death penalty in Nigeria. Ameh Abute, former President of the (now disbanded) Senate and leading member of the newly formed National Democratic Coalition, was arrested on 2 June. Chief Olusegun Osoba, former Governor of Ogun State was arrested on 3 June and two other former senators, O A Okoroafor and Polycarp Nwite were arrested on 4 June. Several other pro-democracy activists are believed to have been arrested in recent days; some are said to have been denied adequate food, water and bedding. AI believes that those detained are prisoners of conscience who should be released immediately.

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