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UA 216/94 - Niger: torture / fear of torture / deaths in custody: Aghali Awaiss, Moussa Oubba, Halid Daoul, two other men (names unknown) and other members of the Tuareg Community

, Index number: AFR 43/002/1994

On 17 or 18 May 1994 the five men referred to above, members of the Tuareg ethnic group, were arrested in the area north of Agadez. They are believed to have been tortured, resulting in the deaths of the two unidentified men. Other members of the Tuareg community are believed to have been arrested since then and may also be at risk of torture. These arrests appear to be linked to a resurgence since May 1994 of violent attacks by armed Tuareg groups and subsequent government retaliation.

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