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UA 292/92 - Mauritania: legal concern / fear of torture: Sarr Alassane N'Dama, Niass Yaya, M'Bodj Hamidou, Diop Ismaila Demba, Dia Hamath Atoumane

, Index number: AFR 38/006/1992

Those named above, all black Mauritanians from the Hal-Pulaar ethnic group, are among a group of people arrested on 23 August 1992 in the village of Sory-Male, southern Mauritania. Security forces surrounded the village after the killing of an Arab trader on 22 August; all the male villagers between 18 and 70 years were taken to the local school for interrogation. Eleven were arrested; some were released but at least four were taken to the town of Aleg, where they were charged with murder and remanded in custody. They are reported to have been tortured. Dia Hamath Atoumane, aged 70 and brother of the village chief, died in Sory-Male on 24 August, apparently as a result of severe beating.

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