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Further information on UA 114/92 (AFR 36/09/92, 6 April and follow-ups AFR 36/10/92, 14 April, AFR 36/13/92, 30 April, AFR 36/17/92, 8 May, AFR 36/19/92, 12 may, AFR 36/23/92, 5 June, AFR 36/32/92, 13 July, AFR 36/34/92, 15 July, AFR 36/39/92, 15 Septembe

, Index number: AFR 36/021/1993

Chakufwa Chihana's appeal against his conviction in December 1992 for "sedition" was dismissed on 29 March 1993. However, his sentence was reduced to nine months with hard labour. He is reported to be suffering from chest and throat infections, severe headaches and serious weight loss as a result of harsh prison conditions. He is reportedly being denied medical treatment and must carry out hard labout even when ill. AI considers him to be a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned for peacefully expressing his political opinions.

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