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Malawi: Recent releases of political detainees - but prisoners of conscience remain

, Index number: AFR 36/004/1991

Although Amnesty International (AI) welcomes the recent releases of 88 political detainees previously held without charge or trial, the organization remains seriously concerned about many other political prisoners still in detention. Over 100 are believed still to be held without charge or trial, including 11 prisoners of conscience. Among those still held are Martin Machipisa (whose original sentence has expired), L.E. Chaloledwa, Kalusa Chimombo, Lister Muwamba, John Malesa, Orton and Vera Chirwa (now elderly and in poor health), Joseph Manjanga, Dany Muhango, Boston Phiri and the veterinarian Goodluck Mhango. The detention in April 1991 of a Zambian woman, allegedly on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations by a government official, is also reported.

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