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Equatorial Guinea: Further information on fear of torture / possible prisoners of conscience / extrajudicial execution and new concern: death in custody

, Index number: AFR 24/006/1998

Victor Byuaban and his wife (name unknown), Father Eduardo Losoa, Augustin Iriri, Juan Loeri, Marcelo Lohoso, Cristino Meda Seriche, Aurelio Losoa, Florencio Sicoco, Anastasio Copoboru, "Ebulabate" (no other name known), Silvestre Orichi, Remigio Mete, Atanasio Bita Rope, Bienvenido Yamba, Epifanio Moaba, Ignacio Bita, Lucia Quenero (wife of Ignacio Bita), Arcadio Boneke, Enrique Boneke Mitelepo and others, Marcelino Malope Mele, Gustavo Mele, Mansueto Loeri and new names: Carmelo Yeck Bohopo and at least three other people: Carmelo Yeck Bohopo died in custody on 9 February 1998, reportedly as a result of torture. Scores of other people have been arrested following attacks on the military barracks and AI has received reports that many of them have been tortured. At least three other people are also reported to have died as a result. Most of the detainees are Bubi, the ethnic group native to Bioko Island, and some may have been detained solely on account of their ethnic origin.

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