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UA 399/92 - Djibouti: hunger strike / health concern / prisoners of conscience: Ali Aref, Mohamed Daoud Chehem, Mohamed Aden Aboubaker, Mohamed Hassanleh Abakari, Adboulkader Mohamed Abass, Mohamed Bouha Ali, Orbisso Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Ali Moumin, Ahmed

, Index number: AFR 23/006/1992

The 12 people named above have been on hunger strike in Gabode Prison since 8 December 1992. They are demanding that a judicial inquiry be initiated into a incident which occurred in the prison on 8 December, when a prison guard shot at prisoners after they had been ordered out of their cells without explanation. The incident followed an argument between a prisoner and prison guard. The 12 are prisoners of conscience, arrested in January 1991 with hundreds of other members of the Afar ethnic group and convicted after an unfair trial of conspiring to overthrow the government. Former head of government Ali Aref is seriously ill as a result of the hunger strike. AI is calling for them to be given urgent medical treatment and to be released immediately.

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