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UA 318/92 - Angola: extrajudicial executions: Joao Maria Taty, Afonso Foumbo Mabiala, Joao Bento and one other person, name unknown to AI

, Index number: AFR 12/014/1992

Government soldiers reportedly arrested, tortured and executed three people in Landana, central Cabinda, on 26 September 1992. The three men named above are said to have been arrested after an attack on Landana military barracks by the FLEC/FAC, an armed opposition group fighting for the independence of Cabinda. The soldiers, apparently suspecting the three men of supporting the FLEC/FAC, arrested them at the home of Joao Maria Taty, which the soldiers destroyed. Two others, Joao Lourenco, a catechist and Pascoal Mazunga, an oil company woker, were reportedly shot dead as they fled. Further reports have been received of soldiers deliberately shooting and killing one person and killing five others by indiscriminate firing.

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