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Trade Unionists Action 1994: Appeal cases

, Index number: ACT 73/002/1994

This document contains cases from eight countries which illustrate the type of human rights violations suffered by trade unionists around the world. They are: Turkey: Munir Ceylan convicted for calling workers to action on human rights; Colombia: Wilson Monsalvo Navarro and Elmer Charris Alvarez fear for their safety; Haiti: ill-treatment of three trade unionists; Morocco: "Disappearance" of Abdelhaq Rouissi; Benin: Basile Houndjo, Etienne Houndjo and Houngue Mahoussi imprisoned without charge or trial; Chad: M'Bailao Mianbe gunned down; Indonesia: The killing of Marsinah, a labour activist; and China: Liu Jingsheng, a labour activist detained without trial since 1992.

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