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Terror Trade Times: Issue 4 June 2003

, Index number: ACT 31/002/2003

1. Arms out of control. 2. Campaigning on arms control makes a difference. 3. Europe campaigns to control arms trade. 4. Italian courts relaese arms dealer. 5. USA supplies small arms to the Philippines. 6. Over three million dead: Arms trafficking and plunder in the Democratic Republic of the Congo . 7. Mercenaries and arms pour into Côte d'Ivoire. 8. The use of indiscriminate weapons - what does AI say?. 9. Who armed Iraq?. 10. US government steps up military aid for human rights abusers. 11. Trading in the tools used to torture. 12. Helicopters to Colombia: Canada's big arms export loophole. 13. Weapons parts: supplied from Europe, 'made in USA', used in Israel. 14. Policing and guns: Afghanistan, Timor-Leste and South Africa

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