Demand Dignity

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Demand Dignity

Over the next six years – at least – Amnesty International will work to shift the balance of power together with those who have been so far denied a say as they tell their own stories and strive to engage in the processes that determine their own future.


For a path out of poverty, take the human rights route

All over the world, people in poverty are demanding dignity. They want an end to the injustice and exclusion that keep them trapped in deprivation. They want to have control over the decisions that affect their lives. They want their rights to be respected and their voices to count. Join them now. Add your voice to Amnesty International’s new campaign.

Explore the Rights Journey

Rights Journey

Travel the world to find out about human rights and poverty. Learn about and take action on maternal mortality, human rights abuses in slums, the need for access to justice for those whose rights have been denied. Meet people and communities, listen to their stories, tell your own.

When you register you will get a suitcase to record all the things you have seen and done. Amnesty International will collate these suitcases and show those in power that millions of activists will not stop traveling until there is an end to the human rights abuses that keep people poor. Start your journey. Register now »

News and Updates

France must withdraw order targeting Roma for eviction

13 September 2010

The Ministry of the Interior order provides specific instructions to police to undertake "a systematic dismantling of illegal camps" prioritizing those inhabited by Roma.

France must heed EU call to end Roma discrimination

10 September 2010

Amnesty International has urged the French authorities to comply with a European Parliament resolution to suspend its policy of expulsions of Roma from the country.

India rejection of Vedanta mine a landmark victory for Indigenous rights

24 August 2010

Amnesty International has described the Indian government’s decision to reject the bauxite mine project in Orissa’s Niyamgiri Hills as a landmark victory for the human rights of Indigenous communities.

India must investigate abduction of indigenous activists

11 August 2010

The two activists were abducted on their way to campaign against the bauxite mine project proposed by a subsidiary of UK-based company Vedanta Resources, and the Orissa Mining Corporation.

Serbian Roma families facing forced eviction

3 August 2010

At least 70 families living in an informal settlement in Belgrade, many of whom fled there after being forcibly evicted from other sites, could be left homeless again if the demolition goes ahead.

Video and Audio

Teargas in Egypt's Tahrir Square

29 June 2011

Amnesty International's Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui reports from demonstrations in Tahrir Square, Cairo.

World Habitat Day - Slideshow 2

World Habitat Day - Slideshow 2

Out of sight - In their own words

Maja was with her children on the day of the resettlement, and she describes here what conditions are like in the settlement of Rakovica...