Violence in the home

6 November 2007

For countless women, home is not a place of comfort and refuge, but a place of fear.

Violence at home wrecks the lives of women in every country in the world.

Violence in the home includes battering by intimate partners, economic deprivation, sexual abuse, marital rape and is often all these things: taking the form of routine physical, psychological and sexual violence.

More than 70 per cent of female murder victims are killed by their male partners.

Yet few women are in a position to seek and receive effective help or formal justice.  Many stay with their partners because they have nowhere else to go and lack financial independence.

Key points

States must protect women from violence in the home by:

  • ensuring adequate laws are in place
  • implementing existing laws
  • ensuring access to adequate and effective health services
  • providing specialist training for all of those working in the criminal justice system
  • creating safe educational and employment environments for women

What Amnesty International is doing

  • Amnesty International is calling on all governments to implement the 14-Point Programme for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, which calls on governments to protect the physical and psychological well being of women who have been abused.
  • Amnesty International is campaigning for a wide range of adequate and appropriate services to be available for survivors of violence in the home.
  • The government in Hungary , for example, is failing to protect women from sexual violence in the home.  Widespread prejudice, government inactivity and deficiencies in the criminal justice system mean that many women are denied justice.  Add your voice to our call for justice for the women of Hungary.


How you can help