Safe Schools

Lilly, Zook and Angela: stars of AI Safe Schools comic

Lilly, Zook and Angela: stars of AI Safe Schools comic

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5 December 2007


All girls have the right to an education

This right is essential not only for girls to grow and learn, but also so that they are able to be independent and make their own choices in their lives.

Schools are not just places to learn and realize potential - some are also places of fear and violence. Some girls face violence at school at the hands of teachers, school staff or other students.

Violence stops girls going to school. Girls must be able to pursue their education in an environment which is:

  • Safe
  • Respectful
  • Non-discriminatory

Join forces in the global call for violence-free schools for girls. You have the power to make schools safe for girls!

What you can do


Read the comic: 'Breaking Barriers'

Download Safe Schools banners and post them on your web page

Find out more

Read the global report Safe Schools: Every Girl's Right  

Fact sheets (PDFs):

Violence as an obstacle to girl's education
Girl's access to education and schools fees
Discrimination, harassment, and violence against girls in schools
Girl's education and HIV/AIDS

Read key facts about violence against girls in schools 


How you can help