Archived Actions

Justice for Missing Indigenous Women’s Rights Activist

5 November 2013

Demand the Bangladeshi government to support investigation

Justice for Protester Azza Hilal Ahmad Suleiman: brutally attacked for being a part of Egyptian Protests

28 November 2012

Take action and call on the President of Egypt to ensure she receives justice

The Afghan government must ensure independence of women’s shelters

30 March 2011

The Afghan Ministry of Justice has drafted a regulation on Women’s Protection Centres. Although the regulation envisions greater support and monitoring of shelters, Amnesty International opposes regulation that would give the government control over shelters.

Guatemala: Justice for Maria Isabel Franco

4 March 2011

María Isabel Franco was a 15 year old student when she was raped and brutally killed in December 2001. She is one of thousands of women in Guatemala murdered since 2001.

Authorities must ensure access to reparation for survivors of war rapes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

25 November 2010

Fifteen years on thousands of women who survived war crimes of sexual violence committed during the armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina are still suffering in silence.

Malaysia must protect its migrant workers

7 October 2010

Thousands of Malaysia's more than 4 million migrant workers face exploitation and threats of serious abuse.

Make the United Nations more effective in realizing women’s rights

25 February 2010

The United Nations is a galvanizing force in setting new international standards and commitments to protect and promote women’s human rights especially those at risk of violence, or facing poverty. Make the United Nations more effective in realizing women’s rights.

Chad: No Safe Place for Women

19 February 2010

Sudanese Women living in refugee camps face rape and other violence. Outside the camps, they face a range of abuses from harassment and threats to physical attacks.

Afghan government must take firm action to protect women human rights defenders

6 March 2009

The October 2001 US-led international intervention to oust the Taleban regime was accompanied by a pledge by the Afghan government to protect women’s human right

Call on the Government of Venezuela to protect women’s rights

24 February 2009

Sign the petition to demand that the Government of Venezuela takes the urgent steps to protect women’s rights