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Human rights are stifled in slums - how can these communities bring rights back to life?

Every year on the first Monday of October, the world is asked to respect World Habitat Day and reflect on the state of our towns and cities. The UN has set the theme for this year as ‘Better City,...

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Better cities, better life
Don’t deny one billion people’s rights


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The Millennium Development Goals came onto the world stage 10 years ago, promising some of the world’s most...
More than 1 billion people across all continents live in slums.
Rights are the key for people to break out of the poverty trap.

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All over the world, people in poverty are demanding dignity. They want an end to the injustice and exclusion that keep them trapped in deprivation. Amnesty International is campaigning on four main areas where poverty and human rights intersect: Maternal Mortality, Slums, Corporate Accountability and Making Rights Law. Those in poverty want to have control over the decisions that affect their lives. They want their voices to count. Join them now. Register on amnesty.org