09 January 2008
Say no to illegal US detentions

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Guantánamo symbolises the US government’s disregard for international law in its counter-terrorism efforts. It is just one part of a wider system of indefinite and secret detentions, enforced disappearance, renditions and torture and other ill-treatment.

Amnesty International’s petition to end US illegal detentions is based on a framework that outlines steps that the US authorities must take to end this outrage.

Please visit the site tearitdown.org and sign the pledge. By doing so, you will add your name to endorse the framework and show your commitment to closing Guantánamo as a first step to ending US illegal detention.



Call to Parliamentarians

Parliamentary representatives from many countries around the world have signed a declaration calling to end illegal detention by the US government carried out in the name of counter-terrorism.

To add your name to Amnesty International’s framework as a parliamentarian, please e-mail counter-terror-with-justice@amnesty.org, telling us your name and title, country and region/constituency.

If you are not a parliamentarian, you can still urge your elected representatives to sign this petition. Use your own words or download our model letter.

Contact your nearest Amnesty International office for more information about this action.
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