07 December 2007
Call to parliamentarians: end US illegal detention

More than 300 protesters gathered outside the US embassy for a hour-long demonstration. Parliamentary representatives can support the struggle to end illegal detention by the US government in the name of counter-terrorism, the first step of which is the closure of the detention facility at Guantánamo in a way that respects human rights.

Amnesty International’s campaign to Counter Terror With Justice is asking parliamentarians around the world to add their voices to the organization’s framework for ending illegal  detentions in the “war on terror”.  

In its “war on terror”, the US government has resorted to practices that have been long prohibited by international law, including secretly transferring terror suspects to locations where they may face torture and other ill-treatment, resorting to enforced disappearances and holding detainees indefinitely without charge.

Despite international condemnation and the US government’s own stated wish to close the detention centre at Guantánamo, some 300 detainees languish there, most of them in cruel, inhuman and degrading conditions, including some who have been cleared for release from the base.

Please sign up to our framework for bringing the USA’s detention policies and practices into line with international human rights standards.


If you are a parliamentarian: To add your name to Amnesty International’s framework for ending illegal detention in the “war on terror”, please e-mail counter-terror-with-justice@amnesty.org, telling us your name and title, country and region/constituency.

If you are not a parliamentarian but you believe that unlawful detention must end, please urge your elected representatives to sign this petition. Use your own words or download our model letter. Contact your nearest Amnesty International office for more information about this action.


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