10 May 2011
Uganda: Stop the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The Ugandan Parliament are preparing to debate a bill which entrenches discrimination and hatred against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people on 11 May. The bill, known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, has been pending since 2009. There are fears that the bill might be passed on 11 May or before 18 May, as Parliament have to complete their parliamentary business by this date. This inherently discriminatory bill violates international human rights law and, if passed, would lead to further human rights violations.

Take action and call the Ugandan Parliament to stop the Bill from being passed.

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For more on the bill itself, please see the report Uganda: Anti-homosexuality Bill is inherently discriminatory and threatens broader human rights (AI Index: AFR 59/003/2010) which provides an analysis of the Bill from a human rights law perspective.


Image: 19 November 2009 protest at Uganda House, New York, against the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill. ©CC

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