11 March 2010
Stop forced evictions of Roma in Italy

Thousands of Roma people living in Rome face the threat of multiple human rights violations as the result of a new plan to close down many of the capital's Roma camps. The "Nomad Plan" paves the way for the forced eviction of thousands of Roma and for most (but not all) of them to be resettled in new or expanded camps on the outskirts of Rome. 

There has been almost no consultation with Roma people affected by the plan. Those who are entitled to be resettled will only be offered accommodation in other camps and not in the ordinary housing that many Roma aspire to live in.

Many are worried that their employment prospects and their children's schooling will suffer as a result of their relocation. And these are the lucky ones. Many will be provided with no alternative accommodation at all. Some will leave Rome. Others will find shelter as best they can, where they can – until they are moved on again.

Picture: Mario's and Marias's shack in Centocelle camp in Rome, Italy, which was destroyed in November 2009. Copyright: Amnesty International

Click the button to send the email message below to the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Nomad Emergency in Rome, Prefetto Giuseppe Pecoraro, urging him to postpone implementation of the Nomad Plan.

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