17 March 2011
Take action for the housing rights of Roma in Rome!

One year after the launch of Amnesty International’s campaign The wrong answer – Italy’s Nomad Plan violates the housing rights of Roma in Rome, Amnesty International’s members and supporters across the world are still waiting for the Italian authorities to step up to their responsibilities.

The implementation of the “Nomad Plan” is only driving those affected deeper into poverty and marginalization. Indeed, the plan condemns Roma children and families to a cycle of forced evictions, disrupting children’s frequency at school and destroying any chance of integration and social inclusion. Segregation in degraded and overcrowded settlements is offered as the only solution.

Amnesty International is therefore calling on national and local authorities to stop forced evictions and to revise the “Nomad Plan” to bring it in line with international law and standards. Adequate alternative housing solutions must be provided after a meaningful consultation of Roma communities, so that Roma families are enabled to fully enjoy their human rights.

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Image: © Amnesty International

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