04 March 2011
Guatemala: Justice for Maria Isabel Franco

María Isabel Franco was a 15 year old student when she was raped and brutally killed in December 2001. She is one of thousands of women in Guatemala murdered since 2001.

Her mother Rosa Franco has been fighting for justice ever since, but the Guatemalan authorities have so far failed her and her daughter.

In a conversation with Amnesty International in February 2011, Rosa Franco explains her distress that “the authorities in charge of this case, including those from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the national police, have completely failed so far.  Their attitude, not only in the case of my daughter, but on the cases of thousands of women killed, has been terrible.”

María Isabel Franco’s case was handled extremely poorly, and the delays in investigation are completely unjustifiable. The lack of interest and compassion on the part of the authorities in cases of sexual violence against women and killings of women is shocking and unacceptable; Rosa Franco was told by the Assistant Prosecutor who processed the crime scene that her “daughter was killed because she was a nobody, a prostitute.”

Stand with Rosa in calling on the Attorney General of Guatemala to ensure that a full and effective investigation into the rape and murder of María Isabel Franco is carried out. Signatures will be delivered to the Attorney General in July 2011.

Take action now to demand that the investigation follows up on all possible leads, carries out all necessary tests, and brings those responsible for these abuses to justice, in the case María Isabel Franco, and for the thousands of other unsolved murders of women.

Image: A local newspaper carries photographs of some of the hundreds of women killed in recent years in Guatemala. © BBC This World

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