08 April 2011
Dear UN Secretary-General, tell us what you know about Sri Lanka

“I had to fast so that I could feed my children and just drank the water I cooked the rice in. Elderly people collapsed around us or slipped into comas. What kept us going was a belief that the UN would intervene to stop the terrible human suffering.” – A Tamil refugee now living outside Sri Lanka talking about her experience during the conflict in the country that ended in May 2009.

People around the world look to the UN when their own governments fail them and thousands of victims of human rights violations in Sri Lanka are doing exactly that. The UN was unable to prevent the human tragedy while the conflict was on but it can do something now. Join us in calling on the UN Secretary General (UNSG) Ban Ki-moon, to make public a report on accountability issues in Sri Lanka.

Who has written this report?

This report has been written by a ‘Panel of Experts’ that was set up last year to advise the UNSG on accountability issues in Sri Lanka. The UN Panel submitted their report to the UNSG on 12 April 2011.

Why is it important to make this report public?

Making this report public is an important first step towards a full international investigation into possible war crimes. An impartial outside investigation is the first step towards international justice because Sri Lanka has failed to address issues of impunity and has actively denied justice to victims of the war.

Ask the UNSG to make the report public.

Image: People taking shelter in a bunker. This photograph was taken by an aid worker who was trapped with the civilians between the Sri Lankan Army and the Tamil Tigers exactly one week before the final battle, from 3 to 13 May 2009. © Private.

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