05 May 2011
석유산업으로 오염된 니제르 델타가 깨끗해 지도록!
나이지리아의 니제르 델타 지역은 석유 채굴 및 정제과정에서 발생하는 고질적인 오염문제를 겪고 있습니다. 이 지역 주민들은 건강도 잃고 생계도 위협당하게 되면서 더 깊은 빈곤에 내몰리고 있습니다.
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새로 선출된 나이지리아 대통령에게 오염된 지역을 정화하고, 더 이상의 인권침해가 발생하지 않도록 석유 산업 규제를 촉구하는 이메일을 보냅시다.

Clean up the oil industry in the Niger Delta

Your Excellency, I am very concerned about the impact that oil industry pollution is having on the human rights of people in the Niger Delta. Traditional livelihoods such as fishing and agriculture have been damaged and the reduced access to safe food and clean water has put thousands of people's health at risk. I urge you to: - Enforce existing laws and reform legislation to ensure the oil industry is effectively regulated. - Publicly commit to clean up oil pollution in full consultation with affected communities. - Ensure that the human rights impact of oil industry pollution is closely monitored and the results made publicly available.: *

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