Stop human rights violations against Uighurs in China

5 February 2010

The police crackdown on peaceful Uighur demonstrations in July 2009 echoed the violent repression of a Uighur protest in Gulja 13 years ago.

Mexico must protect activists

21 January 2010

Human rights activists in Mexico face threats, harassment and intimidation, wrongful prosecution and even death in retaliation for their work.

Israel must stop harassment and detention of Palestinian activists

8 January 2010

Two prominent campaigners for the dismantlement of the fence/wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) are currently held by the Israeli military.

Iran must release activist Emadeddin Baghi

8 January 2010

The prominent journalist and campaigner was arrested in December, the day after massive protests in Tehran and other cities to mark Ashoura. 

Protect civilians in Sudan

8 January 2010

2009 was the most violent year in the South of Sudan since the 2005 peace agreement, with over 2,500 people killed and 350,000 displaced.

Protect migrant workers in South Korea

18 December 2009

Migrant workers in South Korea are exposed to abusive work conditions including discrimination, verbal and physical abuse.

Save two men from execution in Belarus

15 December 2009

Andrei Zhuk and Vasily Yuzepchuk are currently awaiting execution in Minsk after having their appeals turned down.

Morocco must allow human rights activist Aminatou Haidar to return home

10 December 2009

Aminatou Haidar has been on hunger strike in Lanzarote airport since 15 November, after Moroccan authorities confiscated her passport and expelled her from the country.

Honduras security forces must be held accountable for human rights abuses

3 December 2009

The police and military have carried out numerous human rights abuses since June, when President Manuel Zelaya was forced into exile.

Belarusian youth activists must be freed

26 November 2009

Seven youth activists were sentenced to up to two years of ‘restricted freedom’ in Belarus after they participated in a peaceful protest.

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