Protect migrants in Mexico

7 May 2010

Thousands face beatings, abduction, rape or even murder as they make their way to the USA hoping for a new life.

End enforced disappearances in Pakistan

Hundreds of people, including children, are victims of enforced disappearance in Pakistan but the government lacks the political will to trace them.

Fight maternal mortality in Peru

Hundreds of pregnant women in Peru are dying. In many cases, these deaths could be avoided if the government provided equal health services across the country.

Reopen investigation into enforced disappearance in Ingushetia!

30 April 2010

On 8 August 2007, Ibragim Gazdiev was reportedly seized by armed men and has never been seen since. No effective steps have been taken to trace him.

Address the barriers of transport costs undermining rural women’s right to health in South Africa

30 April 2010

The authorities must urgently address a key barrier to women’s enjoyment of their right to health – the lack of reliable, affordable and safe transport.

Stop obstruction of the justice system in Serbia

30 April 2010

During the war in Kosovo in 1999, over 3,000 ethnic Albanians were the victims of enforced disappearances. Very little has been done to bring them justice.

Call on China to release Tibetan film-maker

30 April 2010

Dhondup Wangchen is serving a six-year sentence for a documentary he made prior to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 in Qinghai province.

The UN must continue to protect civilians in Chad

14 May 2010

Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people will be at risk if the UN mission leaves the country or its mandate to protect civilians is not renewed.

Stop Demolitions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

30 April 2010

The future of ‘Aqaba, a small village in the north-east of the occupied West Bank, is at risk. For years its inhabitants have feared losing their homes.

Stop forced evictions in Nairobi's slums

30 April 2010

Life is precarious for the approximately two million people who live in Nairobi’s informal settlements and slums. They live in poverty and under the constant threat of forced eviction from their homes.

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